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 Magnaflex Powerplunger toilet plunger for all angles 02-5000
i have been using this plunger for years now. it unclogs my ..
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Do you deliver?
The service requires you to register with us and create an account.  Upon doing so you can be eligible to have your orders delivered within the delivery area, as indicated on the map on the Local Delivery Service   page. Your account can be charged via business billing/ credit card/ payment on delivery. Orders submitted and paid by 2:00 pm will be delivered the next business day between 9:00am-4:00pm. Orders scheduled after 2:00pm will be scheduled for delivery on the second business day.  Geographical scheduling may apply.  Service not available Saturday or Sunday. Professional orders will be given professional priority.

   • Minimum of $25.00 order amount.
   • Orders must be submitted and paid by 2:00 pm.
   • Residential orders maybe cahrged a $10.00 delivery fee.
Note: Some items may not qualify for delivery.  Delivery restrictions will be noted on such items.

Can I pick up my order?
Yes, our products are available for pick up at our Retail Store.  Please notify us that you will be picking up your item at the time of payment. 

What happens to my order if some items are out of stock?
Should an item be out of stock we will ship/ deliver the portion of the order that is completed? Out of stock items for local delivery orders will be followed up via telephone notification.  Remaining order will be processed and shipped/ delivered. The remaining portion will be mailed/ delivered as soon as the stock is replenished. Incomplete portion will be shipped/ delivered at no charge to the customer.

I don’t see what I am looking for, how do I know if you carry it?
The model no. is not legible on the part I have? Can you help?
If after searching our online stock you can not locate what you’re looking for.  Select our Product Finder link to submit a product search request.  Please take a moment to fill out the online form.  If you have any photos, they can be attached at the bottom of the page.  Our in-house professionals will locate it for you.

How do I schedule an appointment?
By selecting the Schedule Appointment link you will be sent to our appointment scheduling page.  Complete the necessary information and submit your request to us.  We will follow up according to your instructions to confirm date and time availability.  Please note that this is only a request until confirm with our service department.  We strive to be prompt and professional in responding to your communication. For faster or immediate service call direct. Our local No. 909-982-1525 x 2.

How do I know when I need a water heater?
Most water heaters a good and reliable for the first five years.  Some units are made with a ten year warranty for a little bit more.  It’s a good rule of thumb if your water heater is more than 5 years old to have it thoroughly inspected.  Energy efficiency decreases with years of use. Pay attention to unusual sounds or water spots as they may indicate potential deterioration of the unit.

My shower head keeps dripping; do I need a new one?
More than likely the culprit of the dripping it’s the shower valve.  Often times a worn out shower valve can be attributed to most shower drips.  Have a technician check it out.

I don’t have any water pressure to one faucet. What’s wrong?
Check your aerator. When this part becomes clogged your water pressure drops significantly or entirely.

How much does it cost to test/ repair/ replace my backflow device?
The cost of test/ repair/ replace varies according to the size of the device and service requirements.  Please contact our office at 800.600.1525 for a telephone quote.

My a/c is icing up; what could be wrong?
This can be a challenge to determine.  A good start is to check the air filter, inspect the outdoor condenser coils (clean if dirty). Also confirm fan motor is running.

I have a really old house with really old faucets. Do you carry parts for it?
We are the largest supplier of hard to find parts.  We carry stock that is new condition that has been out of production for at least 10 years. 

My a/c stopped running; what should I check first?
Check the thermostat setting and the circuit breakers.

Do you work on window a/c units?
Unfortunately we do not have the means to repair these types of units.  We can replace them as necessary.

How much is a service call?
Service call is $85.00 for the first half hour.  Every half hour thereafter is billed at $49.00 each.

What should my water pressure be?
The normal range for municipal water services is 55-75 psi.
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04.Magnaflex Powerplunger toilet plunger for all angles 02-5000
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